Making a game pt.1 – The Basics and The Learning Process

What you will need to make a game:

1. A Modeling Program

A modeling program/photo editing software.
-This you will use to make the 3D models(3D shapes) in which you will:
Model: Move vertices, edges, and faces around your screen to make cool shapes.
Texture: Paint yo shapes fool!
Rigg: Add bones, and make your pinnochio a real boy!
Animate: Add life to your characters with animation and movement.

I use a FREE open source program called Blender which you can download from the Blender website.
There are Many other 3D apps available such as:
Sculptris(3D sculpting)(FREE)

2. A game engine

A game engine is what brings all your 3D models, textures(images), animations, and code(used to give the game functionality) together.

A game engine is what you will

A game engine will be were your game is put together; It’s the garage with all the tools in it(Metaphor). It will be used to develop and package your finished game.

The game engine of my choice is Unity3D because it is free and has a large and growing community, and it also can deploy games on almost any platform you can ever imagine.

You may also try UDK (Unreal Dev Kit).

3. An open mind :)

The world is yours, create something that will be remembered.

4. A community

I recommend you find a community of people to express your art, creativity, thoughts, and ideas to so you don’t get bored and lonely. PLUS once you start getting noticed in your community of choice, you have “fans” which will help you promote and market your end product. Thanks guiz. :)

Google + offers a nice community
-but don’t get too distracted. Actually fighting with the software is the best way to learn.

Making A Game Pt. — Intro

So you wanna make a game eh?

-Well You have come to the right place.

Below I have provided links for the programs you need to make a game, and in PART ONE of these blog posts I will explain in more detail what each of these programs do.

STEP1. Get a computer.

STEP2. Download a 3D app. (BLENDER3D)

STEP3. Download a Game engine. (UNITY3D)

STEP4. Watch Tutorials or browse my website/contact me for help.

Continue to–PART ONE

Visual scripting in Unity Vs coding it yourself.

It’s been a long and difficult journey to try and learn scripting in Unity all while trying to manage school work and do chores etc.
…So I have finally fallen into the idea of VisualScripting (link to hutong’s website, the creators of playMaker.)

In the past, I have always viewed visual scripting as “cheating”, and I wouldn’t learn much from it, but now, after reading self help books and gaining more knowledge through life experiences I have come to the conclusion that you should take advantage of all the tools at hand!
Use your assets!
If you have software that speeds up a certain process, then use it! There’s no point in re-inventing the wheel.

Yes, playMaker might cost $45 dollars, but think about the worth you are getting in comparison for the time it would take to learn a whole scripting language.
Say it takes you a good year to learn scripting with zero money spent, well that’s a whole year that you could’ve used to actually work on your game.
So now that you’ve learned scripting you need to get started on your game, let’s say it takes one more year to make your game (that’s two years development.)
When if you used  VisualScripting, the coding portion might take a few weeks or months to setup.
You could finish your game in a year or so, depending on how diligently you work and afterwards you can use that extra time to actually work on promoting and selling your game to gain revenue($$$).

“Time is money, so I bought a Rolex!”-Wiz Khalifah

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