Making a game pt.1 – The Basics and The Learning Process

What you will need to make a game:

1. A Modeling Program

A modeling program/photo editing software.
-This you will use to make the 3D models(3D shapes) in which you will:
Model: Move vertices, edges, and faces around your screen to make cool shapes.
Texture: Paint yo shapes fool!
Rigg: Add bones, and make your pinnochio a real boy!
Animate: Add life to your characters with animation and movement.

I use a FREE open source program called Blender which you can download from the Blender website.
There are Many other 3D apps available such as:
Sculptris(3D sculpting)(FREE)

2. A game engine

A game engine is what brings all your 3D models, textures(images), animations, and code(used to give the game functionality) together.

A game engine is what you will

A game engine will be were your game is put together; It’s the garage with all the tools in it(Metaphor). It will be used to develop and package your finished game.

The game engine of my choice is Unity3D because it is free and has a large and growing community, and it also can deploy games on almost any platform you can ever imagine.

You may also try UDK (Unreal Dev Kit).

3. An open mind :)

The world is yours, create something that will be remembered.

4. A community

I recommend you find a community of people to express your art, creativity, thoughts, and ideas to so you don’t get bored and lonely. PLUS once you start getting noticed in your community of choice, you have “fans” which will help you promote and market your end product. Thanks guiz. :)

Google + offers a nice community
-but don’t get too distracted. Actually fighting with the software is the best way to learn.

Visual scripting not as easy as it looks?

“Visual scripting is a cool idea, but It’s not bread and butter yet.” – Me

-Please view my previous post on this topic, the day I got playMaker.-

I recently picked up playMaker and wanted to show my thoughts about it on here.
I believe It is a cool idea, but it is not simple enough…yet.
(I hope someone will tend to non-programmers desires and try and make it even more simple)

You still have to learn all the things Unity can do…(there’s no simplified naming convention)-AKA: “Syntax” Which to me, defeats the purpose of visual scripting. I want it to be easy and look sexy.(PS: don’t judge my blog by It’s looks, I am working on a solution to make it look pretty. -stay tuned:P)

It’s visually appealing, but It’s not quite there.
There’s still a bunch of confusing things such as FSM, States, Events, and Variables.
Personally, I would just want basic english for the names, such as (MOVE)- and then you select the axis to what direction the object moves. And then another plugin could be (SPEED) and you adjust the speed the object moves etc.

So You basically have to spend Just as much time learning how to use the Visual Scripting editor to even do anything.
Now, the visual Editor might save you a week or two, but is it really not worth it when it teaches you very little about actual type scripting.

Maya Vs. Blender?

What program do you think is better? (Maya Or Blender)
Also Why do you think Blender is not used as much in the industry and isn’t considered “industry standard” like Maya is?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, I will read them all and come up with the pro’s and con’s of each in a future blog post.
Thank You!

P.s. Here’s a little video I made a while back… It’s more on the Blender side. So…