Youtube Adsense hates me

I’ve been trying and trying to get Adsense approved for quite some time now, and it always fails… First I had my Youtube account associated with my Dad’s Adsense account some how? But I just got that ordeal fixed today. I’m all excited that I can finally enable my Adsense now that I got that fixed and then this happens…


Seems like I’m all good, I’m in the clear, so now I’m excited. I press the “Enable” button:


*Click* 😀


You have got to be kidding me…

What did I do to deserve this? D;

Does anyone else have this same problem?
Is there a fix?


They fixed it. I guess it just took some time to get approved. Sorry Youtube. Maybe Youtube should have a message displayed saying “your Adsense account is being reviewed” etc…


Maya Vs. Blender?

What program do you think is better? (Maya Or Blender)
Also Why do you think Blender is not used as much in the industry and isn’t considered “industry standard” like Maya is?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, I will read them all and come up with the pro’s and con’s of each in a future blog post.
Thank You!

P.s. Here’s a little video I made a while back… It’s more on the Blender side. So…