SuperHero.Me – DevLog:001

Achieved :

  • Double jump ability (pre req for hover which is not yet implemented)
  • Place Holder Laser eye ability (Cubes for now with rigidbodies and Box colliders attached)
  • Box Colliders and Rigidbodies added to the characters hands so that he has the ability to punch objects out of the way like a true hero :) I’m not sure if this is the right way to make a character able to move objects, but it works for now. Let me know if you have a better solution.

BocColliders&Rigidbodiesattached to armsSettings on the arms


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SuperHero.Me – DevLog: Intro

SuperHero.Me (not actual name for game just a placeholder I thought was cool :P) is a VR (virtual Reality) game I’m developing for the Oculus Rift in Unity3D.

I was always interested in other peoples struggles in making games and I wanted to see behind the scenes of how games were made. So what I’m doing with this game is just that! I’m offering a behind the scenes of how a game is made I’m hoping to be writing blog posts almost every day or every week on the struggles I’m having and how I fix certain problems. I will also try to make videos to document progress and struggles as well in case you are more of a visual kind of person and also to help develop my skills in becoming a director and video editor.

Feel free to ask me any questions on Twitter or Facebook.

I welcome you all on the journey and I’m glad to have your company :)

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Unity3D game dev Episode:1 “The beginnings of a prototype”

I have been working on this game for about a month now. I am a beginner programmer and just out of high-school, so much of my time working on this game has been at the expense of teaching myself how to code and actually understand what I’m doing, and how to make my code better.
It’s a lot of coming up with ideas, searching google, finding code, using the code, understanding the code, and then modifying it to my liking. I’m always in the Unity Scripting Reference looking at how stuff works.

So far this Summer I have been prototyping my first game I also bought a domain name for my company, and also registered a DBA(Doing Business As) with my company name.
Now I continue to work on this game, so that I have an actual something to sell. 😛
I will try to keep y’all posted as I work and also give you more insight on my feelings and learnings as I go so maybe you can have a smoother ride than me. Not to say my ride is that bumpy at all. Probably just young adult emotions or something, hell if I know. I just push on.

My feelings:
As I am making these games and teaching myself to code I am also living with my parents, which me and my parents agreed that I am not going to college, and instead going to start my own company. They will pay my rent, car, etc. As long as I work 9-5 every day Mon-Fri. I’d say I am very lucky, because I get to do what I love, Not have to pay for schooling(which I think paying for is dumb for IT stuff, since in all we have google…), and I get to start my own company 😀

Sometimes it does get hard, and feelings of self doubt do get in my mind but I try to stay as positive as I can and just push on. Sometimes I get bummed out, because my car doesn’t have any gas in it ever and I always feel insignificant always asking my parents for money. I just have to look myself in the mirror and tell myself “Caden Burleson, anything is possible. If you want something, then reach out and grab it” I try to tell myself little things like this to calm my mind. Also hanging out with my Lovely girlfriend also helps calm me, she always puts me in a good mood.

So If you are feeling down about yourself, then just figure out what the problem is and try to solve it. If It can’t be solved at this time, then hang around nice, friendly, people, who you love that can cheer you up in your endeavors.

My Lessons:
Don’t let anything get you down.
You are whatever you want to be.
Chase your dreams.
Push on! If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.
I wish everyone the best with their games, etc.

Feel free to contact me on Google+ or Twitter or anyway you can if you need someone to talk to or wanna chat about game ideas with; lets build a community :)